Office of student affairs

Office of student affairs

Office hours

Daily 08:30 - 11:30, Room 2nd floor, Institute of Physiology 1, Universitätsstr. 17, 91054 Erlangen,

The office of student affairs can help you with administrative questions about the following courses:

  • Seminar Zelluläre Physiologie, (2.Semester Medizin)
  • Seminar Neurophysioloige, (4.Semester Medizin)
  • Praktikum Neurophysiologie, (4.Semester Medizin, 5.Semester Zahnmedizin, 4.Semester BSc. Molekulare Medizin)
  • Wahlfach Vorklinik: “Cognitive Neurowissenschaften”
  • Praktikum Physiologie für Pharmazeuten
  • Wahlfach Physiologie für Psychologen

Please contact us via EMail and make sure to always include:

  • All first names and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Matriculation number