AG Sauer / Reeh

Transduction, Integration and Plasticity in primary noziceptive neurons

PI: Prof. Dr. Susanne Sauer, Prof. Peter Reeh

The research group investigates primary noziceptive neurons, especially their electophysiological and neurochemical responses to noxic and pruritogenic stimuli and to chemical mediators. In vitro we use isolated tissue preparations, cultivated spinal ganlion neurons and transfected cell lines to study action potentials, ion currents, calcium peaks and the release of neuropeptides. We aim to reveal noziceptive transduction and integration of stimuli and potential avenues of pharmacological treatment. We investigate mechanisms of sensibilization through tissue acidosis, inflammation mediators, metabolites and of their intracellular signal transduction. The groups focus are the causes of neuropathic pain e.g. in diabetic patients or metabolic syndrome. On project investigates reactive dicarbonyls, that play a role in diabetic metabolism and lead to a glycation of transduction channels. The other project investigates the consequences of glycation of calcium channels (Cav3.2). Both effect increase the excitability of noziceptors and can contribute to the development of pain in e.g. diabetic neuropathy.


Prof. Dr. Susanne Sauer

AG Sauer/ Reeh

Prof. Dr. em. Peter Reeh

Senior professor

Dr. Miriam Düll


Medical Clinic 1 (Gastroenterology, Pneumology, Endocrinlogy) Center for Internal Medicine (INZ)

Sophia Schön

doctoral student, cand. med.

AG Sauer/ Reeh